23rd Annual Elephant Garlic Festival

Food Vendor Application

Dear Food Vendor,

I would like to invite you to apply for the North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival, We look forward to seeing previous food vendors as well as those of you who are new to this year’s event. Each food vendor will be notified if they have been accepted into the festival, each accepted food vendor will also be given a copy of the Festival Rules and Regulations for each person in their group to read before the event starts. Please remember to bring your Festival Rules and Regulations with you to the event.  Space is limited, so the earlier you apply the better chance you will have to be accepted.

    We have some very exciting updates! 
  1. To better assist you and to streamline the food vendor management process we’ve moved our applications 100% online! You can apply, upload documents, send us a message, and see in REAL TIME what stage of the application process you’re in! It’s EASY! Just go to https://www.fairandevent.com/index.php/entity/web/30 and click on the “VENDOR/PROVIDER APPLY” button, create your FREE account, search for North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival, click the “VENDOR/PROVIDER APPLY” button,  fill out the application, and upload the forms! If you don’t have a FAEM account it’ll ask you to create your business really quick. FAEM will be useful for you long term as events are always looking for vendors on there.
  2. Commission Based Sales: As many of you know, the Garlic Festival is an outstanding event that brings in great revenue to your booth with extremely low booth fees. For years we have been generous and maintained those low fees. Now with the rising price to put events on and to make it fair, we’re implementing a 20% commision on gross booth sales. Please see the below outline for the new process. 

  1. 20% COMMISION ON GROSS BOOTH SALES: Due to the increasing popularity of the North Plains Garlic Festival, we’ve decided to adjust our booth fees in accordance with industry standards and to fairly compensate both parties. The North Plains Garlic Festival and its food vendors can both appreciate the high booth sales and low booth fees for many years. It’s our hope that you can understand the adjustment and that it’s long overdue. 
  2. Every booth will need a cash register that can run a Z tape (to calculate both sales) at the beginning and end of each day, have a running till tape with every transaction recorded, and have a forward facing screen to show customers their total. Additionally, every food vendor MUST give a receipt to the customer. This is not an option and food vendors should not ask the customer if they’d like a receipt, rather they should hand the customer their receipt. Failure to provide receipts to customers may result in fines or removal from the festival. 
  3. Auditing: The North Plains Garlic Festival has contracted with FAEM to assist with this adjustment. A FAEM Food Vendor Auditor will be onsite all day everyday auditing food vendors, providing feedback, and assisting with questions. Please note that FAEM will deploy secret shoppers during the event. 
  4. Daily Procedures: Every morning before festival open the food vendor is to print out a Z tape showing a $0 balance. This will be picked up by the FAEM Food Vendor Auditor. At the end of each day the food vendor will be required to print out their final Z tape for the day showing their sales for the day along with their sales tape showing the days transactions. 
  5. End of Festival Procedures: Once the festival is over on Sunday food vendor is to report to the information canopy in the fenced stage area. Here we will do the final calculations on what is owed. Food vendor is expected to pay the amount owed before leaving/tear down. Cleaning deposit will not be refunded if food vendor fails to checkout/pay their remaining 20% owed. 

Booth set up is on Thursday, August 6th from 9:00am – 9:00pm


If you have any questions, please send a message in the FAEM Vendor Application Portal

Thank you,

Patti Burns
Event Coordinator